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The Andres Family & their new home || Kansas City, MO

lakeside portraits on the
lakeside portraits on the

this is Alisha & Daniel
& the start of their third year together.

Alisha is an insanely incredible writer …
these, her words on this season of their life:


“we never planned any of this. we found each other the way waves find the shoreline; a wild wayward journey spent searching until at last crashing upon the inevitable found home of sweet sand & rock.

we are still wild together, yes. we beat on against what life continues to give us: moving away from family & friends, losing dear people in our lives, the struggle to maintain certain dreams while putting others on hold, & the constant fluster & muss of the everyday weight of responsibility.

often, we are discouraged. but more often than not, we pull each other back to the good & honest truth; to the great mysterious wonder of our days that are filled with the smell of his strong coffee in the early mornings, the feel of our warm winter mittens as we explore the city in the black of cold nights, the sound of soft music playing & crackle as we read by the fireplace inside our new home, & the plain fact that we are each other’s compass pointing north. the intrinsic feeling that this city, this house, this family, was never by chance.

december marks our 2nd year together & everything in us feels the readiness of the new year to come. by the pull of the moon & the whipping of winds, the tide will continue to rise & fall & recklessly swirl in a calculated dance. & so will we.” {the song below, part of her inspiration as she penned these words.}

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