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Documentary Family Photographer || this is home || the watters family

the watters family photographs
the watters family photographs
little dancing feet across the wooden floorboards.
baby laughter & toddler giggles filling each room.
makin’ valentines. sharing bear hugs. endless amounts of snuggles.
a glimpse into the beautiful, simple life of the watters family.
“Like most people, I could say [the most beautiful moment of my life was]…my wedding, the birth of my children, the purchase of our first home, making love for the first time, etc. & while all those things were great & beautiful, they are not the ones I think of first. The ones I think of first are: living in Cedar Falls on Main St. & going to half price martinis at the Stuffed Olive every Monday night & just talking about life. Or walking on the beach in Mexico with my family as Stella dips her toes in the water & continually talks to herself about which way everyone should walk. “Stella go this way, Dad goes this way, Baby Brudder go this way, & Mom go this way.” Or even riding bikes through the English Gardens in Munich with Amanda; stopping to have some awesome sausage, sauerkraut, & a giant mug of beer. These are the moments most beautiful to me, because they are ours & no one elses.” – andrew
“andrew & i have a little saying, “T.I.H. {this is home}” we whisper it in each other’s ears when we feel most connected to one another, most at home. it is one of our many ways of saying “i love you” & tells the other person that we are feeling happy, cozy, calm, & loved. so to me, home means family.” – amanda

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Rocky Mountain Photographer || Red Feather Lakes, CO || A Mountain Trek & lake exploration

winter exploring on
we drove & drove until the path ended,
& stepped out onto the untouched mountain snow.
in the midst of complete quiet. complete peace.
chilly toes. multitudes of pines.
deep breathes.
letting that cold air burn our lungs.
discovering a porch swing at the very top.
like it was set there just for us to find.
peering out over the planet.
feeling huge. feeling small.
what a beautiful, beautiful world we live in.
& then in the valley, twirling & dancing upon this frozen lake
feeling like we are on the moon
if you were the only other human in the world,
i would be ok with that.
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