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The Watters Family and their Kansas City Loft || Kansas City, MO

the watters family photographs
the watters family photographs

little dancing feet across the wooden floorboards.
baby laughter & toddler giggles filling each room.
makin’ valentines. sharing bear hugs. endless amounts of snuggles.
a glimpse into the beautiful, simple life of the watters family.

“Like most people, I could say [the most beautiful moment of my life was]…my wedding, the birth of my children, the purchase of our first home, making love for the first time, etc. & while all those things were great & beautiful, they are not the ones I think of first. The ones I think of first are: living in Cedar Falls on Main St. & going to half price martinis at the Stuffed Olive every Monday night & just talking about life. Or walking on the beach in Mexico with my family as Stella dips her toes in the water & continually talks to herself about which way everyone should walk. “Stella go this way, Dad goes this way, Baby Brudder go this way, & Mom go this way.” Or even riding bikes through the English Gardens in Munich with Amanda; stopping to have some awesome sausage, sauerkraut, & a giant mug of beer. These are the moments most beautiful to me, because they are ours & no one elses.” – andrew

“andrew & i have a little saying, “T.I.H. {this is home}” we whisper it in each other’s ears when we feel most connected to one another, most at home. it is one of our many ways of saying “i love you” & tells the other person that we are feeling happy, cozy, calm, & loved. so to me, home means family.” – amanda

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A Mountain Trek & lake exploration in Colorado

winter exploring on

we drove & drove until the path ended,
& stepped out onto the untouched mountain snow.
in the midst of complete quiet. complete peace.
chilly toes. multitudes of pines.
deep breathes.
letting that cold air burn our lungs.

discovering a porch swing at the very top.
like it was set there just for us to find.
peering out over the planet.
feeling huge. feeling small.
what a beautiful, beautiful world we live in.

& then in the valley, twirling & dancing upon this frozen lake
feeling like we are on the moon
if you were the only other human in the world,
i would be ok with that.

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Traveling the foggy coast of Maine || Acadia, ME

Travel Acadia Maine
Travel Acadia Maine
Travel Acadia Maine

My hand in yours, tiptoe to the edge.
Hushed laughter swirling around in the air with the sound of crashing waves below.
One of my favorite memories of all time, one of my favorite memories next to you.
The thick, fresh fog kissing our faces, surrounding our bodies.
Navigating through till we reached the water’s edge.
Salty breeze, the crash crash crash of the waves against the rocks below.
Maine stole our hearts from the moment we stepped on her soil.
We will never listen to Cicadas and Gulls by Feist without being flooded with these memories.

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