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Casual backyard wedding in Northern CA || Petaluma, CA

SF bay area wedding photographer
SF bay area wedding photographer
SF bay area wedding photographer

This is the story of Brooke & Steven & the day of their backyard BoHo wedding in Northern California.
They met in Australia while on set filming a Sci-Fi television series about dinosaurs.
He, from down under. Her, Los Angeles.
Their relationship spent on adventures here & there.
Now, the story of their love continues as they wed in her grandparents’ backyard.
Wild deer & baby turkey run free through the open space.
Guests lining the yard with tents in order to finish the night of celebrating by sleeping under the stars.
They are free spirits at their core, & their day perfectly represented that.
Surrounded by her grandmother’s art, she stepped into her dress & tied her sneaker’s laces.
She then waited in her grandmothers art studio as guests arrived.
Caring much more about loved ones gathering & sharing their love than putting on a perfectly scheduled production.
Running free in wild grass, playing rock-paper-scissors, & watching the clouds roll by.
Playing yard games, eating street tacos, laughing around a campfire, & twinkling lights all strung up in the trees.
Brooke & Steven. This is their day. This is their love.

“I promise to keep your heart safe & your soul wild.
Show you the light when it’s getting dark & guide you through the storm.
I promise to run when you skip & jump when you hop.
Cause i’m all in, I’m in this with you. I love you.”

– Her promises to him

“I promise to encourage & inspire you.
To stand by you in the good times & the bad.
If you fall, I fall with you.
I will forever be there to make you laugh.
To lift you up & help you chase your dreams.
I love you.”

– His promises to her

[see their day after session here ]


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At home in their Atlanta loft || Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles Wedding photographer // atlanta bohemian loft
A couple of days before they wed, snuggled together in their bright atlanta loft with their sweet pups.
This is Natalie + Charles & their beautiful bohemian loft.
This is their sanctuary. Where they spend their days working side by side as the light floods into their windows.
Perfectly decorated to represent them. Eclectic, colorful, joyful, & bright.
[see more images & an interview with Natalie of topknot goods (pictured) + glitter guide here. ]
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Home is preparing to become a mama + papa || Ames, IA

Los Angeles Family Photographer
Los Angeles Family Photographer
Los Angeles Family Photographer
Los Angeles Family Photographer

Home is coming home from work & spending time with you. It’s snuggling.
It’s playing games, eating popcorn, & leftover halloween candy.
Home is preparing to welcome our sweet little babe.
It is cherishing our last months together as just the two of us.
Home is excitedly dreaming of what three will be like.
It is expanding. It’s making space for our little one. It is filled with love & excitement.
Home is anticipation, adventure, preparation, laughter.
This is the Johns family. This is home.

“Our favorite time of the day is when we come home from work to each other. That might look like us curling up on the sofa with our pups catching up on our favorite shows or going out to a favorite eatery. We just value being together regardless of what we do. For us, home isn’t necessarily a place, but rather a state of being with each other – wherever that might be. We don’t ever want to forget what it feels like to just be “Cory and Whitney” at this stage of our life.”

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Lovers in Johns Greenhouse Kansas City || Kansas City, MO

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Greenhouse photographs
Los Angeles wedding Photographer
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Greenhouse photographs
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Greenhouse photographs

This is the story of Alisha & Daniel. Surrounded by green, celebrating another year together.
Growing, learning, adventuring together. Hand in hand.
The words that follow written by Alisha, telling their story at this stage of their life.
The Green
By Alisha Andres
Through the fire, thicket thorn
As the broken branches mourn
I cup your face – a slate newborn
My most familiar clean
Losing limbs, you regrew me
Writing pages – chapter three
Our scribbled star-filled history
Flowing within the green
Outward inward, now a balm
Holding growing in our palm
Singing loudly every psalm
As one – we plant unseen



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Home is fresh squeezed lemonade || Berkeley, CA

San Francisco Family photographs
San Francisco Family photographs
San Francisco Family photographs

Home is all boy. Wrestle, tumble. Rough.
It’s picking lemons from our backyard & making fresh lemonade.
It is big cheers, bigger smiles.
Home is bare feet & sitting on the counter. It is back flips & wrestling in mom & dad’s bed.
It’s filled with laughter, energy, joy. Home is wild, & it is kind.
Home is sitting on the roof & looking out over the city.
This is the Ronay family. This is home.

“We eat most dinners together and hold hands and pray before each meal. We tickle the backs of each of our children before bed. Also, we love when the boys clamber into our big bed. Eventually the peace ends, but the initial moment is blissful.”

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