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Intimate SoHo bookstore wedding at Housing Works || Manhattan, NYC

SoHo Bookstore Wedding
SoHo Bookstore Wedding

This is the story of Patricia & Michael & the day of their intimate SoHo bookstore wedding.
New York has been their adventure together. It is where they have built their home & life together.
He wore his lucky tee-shirt all morning as he traveled about the city by taxi & subway.
She shared brunch & put on her satin dress in their manhattan flat overlooking the city.
Like true New Yorkers, partaking in Famous Joe’s Pizza moments before they wed.
The cozy bookstore lit with candlelight. The tables were covered in terrariums & air plants.
Loved ones gathering under the towering walls filled with books to witness & celebrate this love.
& through tears, they spoke their promises to one another.


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A bohemian Wedding at The Cotton Warehouse || Monroe, GA

Bohemian Wedding Photographs // Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
Bohemian Wedding Photographs // Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

This is the story of Natalie + Charles & the day of their southern bohemian wedding.
They planned the day with Native American influences to honor her father who has passed on.
The sun was shining bright & filled the day with warmth.
Eclectic, every color of happy, & bursting with so much joy.
White lace dresses, bare feet, & a moroccan rug for an aisle. Dream catchers set upon every seat.
Cactus, succulents, & brass details filling the tables. Macramé backdrops & colorful vintage chalices.
A delightful southern meal filling the guests bellies: waffles + fried chicken, mashed potatoes, meat loaf, & sweat tea.
They ended the night with a rocking dance party, a Polaroid photo booth, & a very joyful, bubble-filled grand exit.
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