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Palos Verdes Engagement photographs || Portugese Bend Trail, CA

Palos Verdes Engagement Pictures
Adventures with you by my side.
Foggy mountaintops overlooking the sea.
Take my hand & never let it go. I am yours.
This is the story of Sandy + Paul exploring the Portuguese Bend Trail.


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Home is pizza, flying kites, & wrestling in the grass || Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Silverlake family pictures
Silverlake family pictures

Home is pizza dates. It’s is cheers-ing our cervezas & smiling huge.
It is giggles & tickles & exploring our Silver Lake neighborhood. It is playing under the sun.
It’s flying kites together, just like dad used to as a kid in Brazil.
Home is wrestling in the grass & covering your cheeks with a million kisses.
Home is the three of us, adventuring through this beautiful life together.
This is Amy, Luis, & Ninja. This is home.

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