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Jennifer and Daniel and their New York nieghborhood || Manhattan, NY

New York City Engagement Pictures
New York City Engagement Pictures

Exploring favorite corners of their NYC neighborhood, hands intertwined, smiles ear to ear.
Preparing for adventures around town in their cozy home with their sweet little Tusker.
Standing upon their rooftop, holding each other tight. Standing in the midst of something big.
A quaint coffee shop bursting to the brim with plants, sipping drinks next to the oversized window showing beautiful glimpses of those bustling city streets.
Chasing pigeons through Washington Square Park and wandering through their favorite coffee bean shop filled with the sweetest aroma.
Vegan brunch, sweltering late summer heat. Sitting on West Village doorstoops, dreaming of what forever will look like together.
Adventurers and seekers. Together, world travelers.
This is Jennifer + Daniel and this is their love.

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At home with The Watters Family || Kansas City, MO

The Watters family on the
The Watters family on the

Home is brunch in our Kansas City neighborhood.
It is homemade pop tarts with frosting and sprinkles on top.
It is filled with light and joy. Laughter between it’s walls.
Home is our cozy beds. Jumping, snuggling, wrestling.
It is a little bloody nose when we wrestle too wild, and it is how you help me clean it up and get it to stop so we can keep playing.
It is our attic space with fresh white paint. It is getting into the toilet paper before you can catch me.
Home is our backyard. Bare feet and gardening, harvesting our peppers.
It is how you push us high on our tree swing. It is playing soccer together.
It’s baby grunts and holding you close when I feed you in our treehouse-esque bedroom.
Home is bright, cozy, and constant.
This is the Watters family. This is home.

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A Traditional Jewish Wedding in Los Angeles || Sam Merrill Trail, CA

southern california jewish wedding
southern california jewish wedding
This is the story of Jessica + Amir & their traditional Jewish backyard garden wedding.
She prepared for the day in her childhood home.
The refrigerator bursting with flowers that her & her mom placed together perfectly for her bouquet.
Intricate fans & blessings from the bride for the ladies & whisky + kippots for the men, all of their loved ones gathered before the ceremony.
Singing & dancing filled the air as Amir was led to veil his bride, his arms linked with his fathers’.
During the ceremony, her eyes on him as she circled seven times, marking that he will now be her home.
& together the stepped under the chuppah, soul mates together again.
Flower seeds, pale pinks, & bird cages scattered throughout.
Shadows dance across the tables from the afternoon light shimmering through the trees.
Laughter, cheers, & joy filled the air.
Ready to start their new life in California side by side.
& they celebrated the night away under twinkling lights as their guests entertained with backflips, pushups, & juggling.

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