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Our 1973 Chevy Camper Renovation || Joshua Tree, CA

Vintage BoHo Camper Airbnb
Vintage BoHo Camper Airbnb
We cannot wait to share the following images with all of you. This, our beloved little yellow RV. This is where we spent our free time this spring & summer. So much laughter, sweat, tears, excitement went into renovating this little BoHo oasis on wheels. We renovated this little space upon four wheels in the back alley behind our apartment, powered by an extension cord dropped out of our window. By the end of our project, all of our neighbors were involved & always so excited to see the new progress. When we started, we didn’t know we would end up ripping everything out to the bare bones & starting anew. As most renovation projects go, we wondered if it was worth it more than once. But now, with everything complete, it is our little sanctuary. In the midst of our crazy schedule of running a business, this is our hideaway. A place to take a deep breath, gather our thoughts, travel the coast, find inspiration. It is a place for us to be together.
The second reason we can’t wait to share this with you is because we are excited to say that we want to extend this space to you. To fellow travelers, artists, & adventurers. To those in need of an escape from their busy schedule, to breathe deeply, & enjoy the coast. (find our Airbnb listing here!) . (Since we are currently traveling around Southeast Asia for the month of December, we will be updating the rental dates for our RV first thing in 2016.)
We have always dreamed of hosting travelers through Airbnb, but, until now, haven’t ever had the right space to do so. We love that with Airbnb, as they say, you can belong anywhere in the world. We have experienced this so many times throughout our travels. From an air mattress in an entryway in Nob Hill to a beautiful little apartment in the heart of San Miguel De Allende, Mexico, and as we speak, an 11th floor flat overlooking the city of Bangkok, we have been welcomed, treated like close friends, & been given a place to call home during our travels. Such an incredible way to create & experience community during travels.
// See below for where we got our furnishing/decorations & also to hear more details & info on becoming a host with Airbnb.


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