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On The Rooftops of Brooklyn || Bushwick, BKLYN

Brooklyn Engagement pictures in NYC
Brooklyn Engagement pictures in NYC
Brooklyn Engagement pictures in NYC
This is Sarah + Bobby and their colorful, warm, and creative life together in Brooklyn.
Snuggled up in the city, surrounded by a white blanket of snow.
French pressed coffee around their kitchen table.
Sneaking out the window and up the fire escape.
Cozy in their pajamas, overlooking their big, beautiful city.
Dancing in the kitchen and warmly cuddled together in their bed.
Boots and mittens on before they set out to the snowy streets.
Exploring their vibrant, art-filled neighborhood.
Wherever they are, holding each other close and sharing intimate laughter + life.


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Eclectic Hollywood boulevard Wedding || Hollywood, CA

Hollywood blvd wedding
Hollywood blvd wedding
Hollywood blvd wedding

Surrounded by her mother, sister, and closest friends, she got ready in a room overlooking the star-lined street in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.
She wore a pink + gold flower crown upon her head and slipped into heels adorned with pink blooms.
Dancing together to the music of a street performers sweet serenade, goofy grins and pure joy across their faces.
Stars underfoot as they strolled the sidewalk hand in hand, the busy bustle of Hollywood all around.
They wed in the candlelit Hollywood Post 43. Americana decor and stories of old filling each wall to the brim.
Their vows leaving everyone in tears and their loved ones’ toasts resulting in a room full of roaring laughter.
Homemade confetti, vintage cake toppers, hints of glittery gold, and late night tacos + hand pies.
This is the story of Lesley + Paul & their eclectic Hollywood Boulevard wedding.



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