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Los Angeles Wedding photographer || Eclectic Hollywood boulevard Wedding || Hollywood, CA

Hollywood blvd wedding
Hollywood blvd wedding
Hollywood blvd wedding

Surrounded by her mother, sister, and closest friends, she got ready in a room overlooking the star-lined street in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.
She wore a pink + gold flower crown upon her head and slipped into heels adorned with pink blooms.
Dancing together to the music of a street performers sweet serenade, goofy grins and pure joy across their faces.
Stars underfoot as they strolled the sidewalk hand in hand, the busy bustle of Hollywood all around.
They wed in the candlelit Hollywood Post 43. Americana decor and stories of old filling each wall to the brim.
Their vows leaving everyone in tears and their loved ones’ toasts resulting in a room full of roaring laughter.
Homemade confetti, vintage cake toppers, hints of glittery gold, and late night tacos + hand pies.
This is the story of Lesley + Paul & their eclectic Hollywood Boulevard wedding.



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Wedding Photographer in Maine|| Traveling Maine || Acadia, ME

Travel Acadia Maine
Travel Acadia Maine
Travel Acadia Maine

My hand in yours, tiptoe to the edge.
Hushed laughter swirling around in the air with the sound of crashing waves below.
One of my favorite memories of all time, one of my favorite memories next to you.
The thick, fresh fog kissing our faces, surrounding our bodies.
Navigating through till we reached the water’s edge.
Salty breeze, the crash crash crash of the waves against the rocks below.
Maine stole our hearts from the moment we stepped on her soil.
We will never listen to Cicadas and Gulls by Feist without being flooded with these memories.

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