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Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding || Santa Susana, CA

Los Angeles Wedding Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Los Angeles Wedding Hummingbird Nest Ranch

This is Lindsay + Christopher and the story of their Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding.
Bohemian lace, flower crowns, her grandmothers broach upon her bouquet, and leather laced-up boots.
A very tearful first look as the sun shimmered through the leaves.
Their sweet little pup Penny proudly standing by their side throughout the day.
Trekking up the the rocky mount, holding each other close, the moon rising and shining bright above them.
An alpaca named Snuffalina, inflatable swans floating across the pool, and the tastiest bbq food truck fare filling everyone’s tummies.
Twinkle lights lit the space as cheers, laughter, and dancing feet filled the night with pure joy and celebration.



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