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Wisconsin Woods Summer Camp Wedding || Camp Rotamer, WI

Wisconsin woods summer camp wedding pictures
Wisconsin woods summer camp wedding pictures
This is the story of Allison & Tanner & their Wisconsin woods summer camp wedding.
Sisters, cousins, mothers, friends. Everyone. All gathered to lend a hand to prepare for this celebration.
Flowers from their families’ garden. Hand lettered signs on old foraged fence wood.
Canoes, towering trees, & quaint little cabins.
The greenhouse where she had her first job picking strawberries.
Memories scattered all around to tell the story of their love.
They met when they were thirteen & fourteen at a summer camp, & here again at a summer camp, will say ‘I do’.
This day, filled with so many tears of joy & fits of laughter.
Strawberry shortcake & lemonade. Yard games, bug spray, & blankets to stay cozy after the sun disappeared.
Ending the day with the most incredible sunset over the lake & dancing in the big white tent under a huge blanket of twinkling stars.



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A bohemian Wedding at The Cotton Warehouse || Monroe, GA

Bohemian Wedding Photographs // Los Angeles Wedding Photographer
Bohemian Wedding Photographs // Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

This is the story of Natalie + Charles & the day of their southern bohemian wedding.
They planned the day with Native American influences to honor her father who has passed on.
The sun was shining bright & filled the day with warmth.
Eclectic, every color of happy, & bursting with so much joy.
White lace dresses, bare feet, & a moroccan rug for an aisle. Dream catchers set upon every seat.
Cactus, succulents, & brass details filling the tables. Macramé backdrops & colorful vintage chalices.
A delightful southern meal filling the guests bellies: waffles + fried chicken, mashed potatoes, meat loaf, & sweat tea.
They ended the night with a rocking dance party, a Polaroid photo booth, & a very joyful, bubble-filled grand exit.
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Day Before Session, Hiking Haystack Mountain || Presque Isle, ME

Maine Wedding photographer
Maine Wedding photographer
Maine Wedding photographer
Maine Wedding photographer

Here they find themselves in the last moments before all the bustle takes over.
Before everyone gathered, before vows were written & read. Before much dancing, celebrating, &, of course, really yummy cake.
This is their sanctuary. Their tradition together. Hiking Haystack mountain, hand in hand.
Here they are, one last time before they wed.
Climbing up those rocky walls. Overlooking the pine trees below & Canada beyond.
Soaked in golden rays of sun. Holding each other tight. Breathing in. Out. Breathing deeply.
Finding themselves in the stillness & beauty of these precious moments.
Preparation. Precious preparation for the grandness that is to come with the morning sun.
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Sunrise at La Huasteca, Monterrey Mexcio|| Monterrey, Mexico

wedding photographers in Monterrey Mexico
wedding photographers in Monterrey Mexico

Their love is adventurous, full of laughter. It is warm & it is home.
This is Alejandra & Alain. & their beautiful life together in Monterrey Mexico.
From the early morning hours surrounded by the mountains of La Huasteca, embracing & waiting for the sun to leak over those beautiful peaks.
To the comfort of those white walls that they are about to call their first home together.
Preparing to fill those rooms with life & character together. You can feel so much warmth & excitement welling out of them.
& then, the day ending with the sunset overlooking that beautiful city.
Hand-in-hand. That warm Mexico air sweeping across their faces. Dreaming about their adventurous future as they look out.
Warm tears streaking down their cheeks. This is their love. This is their home.


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Life together in Manhattan, Day before session || Manhattan, NYC

NYC engagement photographs
NYC engagement photographs
NYC engagement photographs

The days & moments leading up to a wedding day are so beautiful & sacred.
Filled with preparation, loved ones arriving & gathering, the end of a season of waiting.
This is Michael & Patricia in their Manhattan home experiencing those sacred moments the day before they wed.
Sharing drinks on their couch while talking about their excitement, one last errand to the corner grocery store, greeting their
family members as they arrive to the city, sharing so much laughter, love & a beautiful meal. & then exploring those bright NYC streets hand-in-hand.

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A Mountain Trek & lake exploration in Colorado

winter exploring on

we drove & drove until the path ended,
& stepped out onto the untouched mountain snow.
in the midst of complete quiet. complete peace.
chilly toes. multitudes of pines.
deep breathes.
letting that cold air burn our lungs.

discovering a porch swing at the very top.
like it was set there just for us to find.
peering out over the planet.
feeling huge. feeling small.
what a beautiful, beautiful world we live in.

& then in the valley, twirling & dancing upon this frozen lake
feeling like we are on the moon
if you were the only other human in the world,
i would be ok with that.

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