Travel Map

Travel Dates:

5.05.17 – 5.09.17 || New Orleans, LA
6.22.17 – 5.25.17 || Upstate New York
7.01.17 – 7.03.17 || Seattle, WA
8.10.17 – 8.14.17 || Chicago, IL
9.01.17 – 9.04.17 || Portland, ME
9.21.17 – 9.25.17 || Bodega Bay, CA
9.28.17 – 10.1.17 || Half Moon Bay, CA
10.6.17 – 10.17.17 || Mexico City, MX
11.8.17 – 11.12.17 || New York City, NY
11.12.17 – 11.15.17 || Nashville, TN
01.17.17 – 01.22.17 || New York City, NY


Kind Words

“These are so nostalgic & lovely. Their beauty is their simplicity.”
“Your pictures remind me to breathe.”
“Your work confirmed to me that photography still has the power to tell stories, to capture the imagination, to communicate hope & truth simply, without words, in a single, still frame. Your pictures & videos & writings are beautiful & powerful.”
“Such great photographs… makes me burn for adventure.”
“I like the softer, almost anti-post production feel. It’s fresh. The super cropped & chopped style took me a second to get used to, but I like it. It forces you to focus on other things you normally would ignore. It adds to the intimacy.”
“Your photos always carry such a poetic feeling & a sort of happy melancholia. I love them.”
“Thank you so much for leading us through our wedding day as calming & encouraging friends & as intentional & professional artists.”
“I was immediately intrigued by the lighting in your photos-everything seems to have a dreamy, romantic quality. None of your photos seem too posed, & I love the little moments that you seem to capture with ease, as if the world is filled with beauty if only we stopped for just that small moment to realize it.”