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Shalom is an ancient Hebrew word meaning peace. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. Wholeness. Beauty. Fullness. Life. Laughter. Rest. Love. Everything as it was intended to be. Everything and everyone in perfect relationship with each other. The stars. The trees. The rich. The poor. Friends. Enemies. You. Me.

There are glimpses of shalom all around, yet life is still full of pain, brokenness, injustice, & death. In our photography, we hope to capture the signs of shalom that are springing up all around us & showing themselves to the world.

We believe it is found in wedding vows, the life of a newborn baby, celebrations with family, exploring new lands, communities of friends, & in the messy, ordinary lives of you & me...

& we plan to fight for it, search for it, & imagine it when it cannot as easily be found.