Eff it, let's get hitched anyway.

It's 2020, Celebrate anwyay

2020 is going to be about as non-traditional as it gets for weddings. It's the year that we see that love exists no matter what. If you are sick of planning in the midst of so many unknowns, know you don't want to wait another year to tie the knot, but also want something more than a two person elopement - a micro wedding might perfect.

The year love still existed. The year of reinvented weddings.

Love has always woven its way through history, even through the worst of times. (makes us think of the big ol' wedding in Harry Potter right before the death eaters show up). It's going to be the year that some couples say “eff it, let’s get hitched anyway.” It’s going to be for all the couples that decide to forget about how things are usually done and decide to do it their own way. Forget the over-the-top details, weddings at their core are about love and sharing it with your closest loved ones. Gather small, gather joyfully, be madly in love, and forget the rest. Getting married during a pandemic, your love story is going to be one for the history books.


celebrate anyway


1 photographer
4 hours of coverage
High Quality Live Stream
Square Fine Art Album


Photo + Video

1 photographer
1 Videographer
4 hours of coverage
2-3 Minute Highlight Video
High Quality Live Stream
Square Fine Art Album



These packages are totally customizable to add or subtract coverage or add-ons. Let's chat and we can figure out the best plan for you.

Live Stream Info

For everyone who can't be there

Included in your package is a high quality live stream of your wedding to anyone who can't be there. We will work with you to make the best plan for your specific situation (zoom, Facebook live, etc.) and will have high quality video and audio streaming to all your favorite people. Click below for any example video.

Cool, Modern Albums with Fine Art quality.

Don't let your images die on a hard drive. Albums are a beautiful way to relive your celebration and be reminded of all of your favorite moments with loved ones. Cool design, perfect for showing off on your coffee table. High quality, perfect for passing down to generations to come. Best part - it's already included in your package.

Want to tie the knot in Joshua Tree?

All-Inclusive Micro Wedding Packages

We have teamed up with a few of our favorite vendors in the desert and put together a really fun package for your Joshua Tree Micro wedding including a coordinator, celebratory boozy drinks, florist, food, etc. starting at 8k.

Health & Saftey

dont worry

We will be following all health and saftey guidelnines for gatherings. We will be waring masks. yada yada yada. We wont hug you or high five you. We wont come if we spike a fever or any other symptoms.

Micro Wedding ideas and Vedor recommendations

Have a picnic
yada y

Client Review

"Documenting our day was super important to us and on the day of Nate and Ashley were an absolute dream to work with. They helped keep us on schedule, relaxed, and where we needed to be to capture the parts of our celebration we wanted. I was pretty unsure in front of a camera, but their positive attitudes and general good vibes really helped me feel comfortable. Crazy to say, but I can't imagine our wedding going so well without them there. Highly recommend this team to anyone in need!" - Justin