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From black tie to backyard, we help you feel completely like yourself and capture what actually happened. No posing or forced emotion. Your wedding is not a production, but a real, sacred day of your life.

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We are a wedding photography collective based in Los Angeles specializing in capturing candid, real moments. We are a team of artists shooting photo and video in way that never feels cheesy or boring, documenting celebrations in a photojournalist style. Fun and easy to work with throughout the whole process, we are quick to respond and we really take the time to get to know you.

From nontraditional to elegant, elopements in the woods, classic, modern, fun, DIY, and all of the other types of weddings - we work with everyone, capturing the day true to what really happened. Every size, color, and tradition. We do not specialize in one type of wedding or couple. Everyone is different and we are excited about telling each different story exactly as it unfolds in our candid style.

Love is Love.
Black Lives Matter.
Stop Asian hate.
No Human is illegal.
Feminism is for everyone.

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Here we welcome every culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, age, languages spoken, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation, and beliefs. We stand with you. You are safe here.


We are Nate and Amanda. Kind humans, living for dance parties in the living room with our daughter. Harry potter enthusiasts. Living between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree. Vegetarian moving towards veganism. Nature people but also city people. Inclusive. Trying to add to and find beauty in our world, even in the midst of so much heaviness. Seeking sustainability and justice in our everyday lives.

Almost a decade ago, we started as just two of us wanting to find and document stories of beauty and hope in a world that oftentimes can feel messy. We have now grown into a beautiful collective of artists who share the same vision of capturing the stories of beauty, hope, and love.



We know that picking who is going to document your day is a big decision. What makes us stand out?

Client Review

Tris + Remi

“ I knew that I needed to find someone with a style that would be timeless & would capture the real essence of the day so that I would be transported whenever I looked at them. Nate & Amanda work together seamlessly and were exactly what I wanted. Their presence on our wedding day was so calming and friendly. It was so fun to adventure with them. Before the wedding they made a point of getting to know us so that when we met in person, it was easy to relax in front of the camera … [They] took the time to let us be ourselves and gave very minimal direction. I believe them to be the best at finding the natural essence of a couple and of the small moments that make up the blur that is a wedding day. “



"Nate's THE BEST! He took the time to get to know us and boy does he get us! He embraced our funky, unique style. He also made the entire day feel so relaxed and ensured that he knew the names of all our family members and the wedding party. Thank you Nate for capturing just how perfect this day was!" -Jamie