What started over a decade ago with just two of us has grown into a beautiful collective of artist who share a vision of telling stories of hope and love in our world. We are a photo and video team capturing real life celebrations and love in a candid, documentary style.

"On the day empire comes crashing down, the sun will wake to crumbling border walls, prison doors will swing open, the skies will cheer, lands will be returned to indigenous peoples, colonial institutions will rot and nation states will decay, landlords will be evicted and vacant homes will be filled, genders will be as varied as the flowers, and the oceans will breathe a sigh of relief. Abundant days are on their way." - Vienna Rye, @vrye


Shalom is an ancient Hebrew word meaning peace. Nothing missing. Nothing broken. Wholeness. Beauty. Fullness. Life. Laughter. Rest. Love. Everything as it was intended to be.

There are glimpses of shalom all around, yet life is still full of pain, oppression, systemic inequality & injustices. In our photography, we hope to capture the signs of shalom that are springing up all around us & showing themselves to the world.

We believe it is found in wedding vows, cultural traditions, gender diversity, crushing the patriarchy, celebrations with family, nonconformity, communities of friends, connection to nature, anti-capitalism, caring for the earth, & in the messy, ordinary lives of you & me.

& we plan to fight for it, search for it, & imagine it when it cannot as easily be found.


Client Review

Amanda & Jon

"Nate and Amanda were an absolute dream team to work with for our wedding. They went above and beyond with helping to plan logistics for the photography, and last second changes, and they were incredibly flexible with us considering we had a few location changes. [They] were super responsive, and so easy to work with. They were fun, easy going, and made my husband and I feel super relaxed on our big day. All of our guests remarked that they felt at ease with Nate and Amanda around, and to this day still rave about how great our photographers were.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed working with Nate and Amanda, but let's get to the photos. I know that I may be biased, but without a doubt my wedding photos and video are above and beyond anything I have ever seen before. Nate and Amanda are so so talented and captured my special day better that I could have ever dreamed. They have a beautiful and unique style that has set our photos apart from all of the other wedding photos I have seen. All of my friends still talk about how jealous they are of how beautifully our wedding photos turned out. I cannot recommend The Shalom Imaginative enough. They are the absolute best!"