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We are Los Angeles wedding photographers and this this is Manohary + George and their multicultural, multi-religious wedding celebration, starting with a Hindu ceremony in the morning. They rented a beautiful estate on AirBnb and filled the greenery with colorful paper flowers and spent the morning setting up for an intimate meal their loved ones would share together later in the dining room. Their day was filled with meaningful traditions that they both held dear. Back to back ceremonies to honor both of their heritage and beliefs. They hosted both a Hindu and a Christian wedding in just one intimate, beautiful day.

First, they had a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. They were covered in vibrant red and gold silk traditional attire, she in a red saree and he in a gold and white sherwani, and wed in front flowers strung together, swaying in the breeze. They gathered around the fire at the center of the mandap where offerings would soon be made. They draped floral garlands around each others’ necks and then her parents placed her hands in his, requesting that he accepts her as an equal partner in life. George tied the sacred thread, Mangalya Dharanam, around her neck with help from their loved ones, two families becoming one, and then they were showered with flower petals and blessings. Their garments were tied together before they circled the fire, their witness, and spoke their vows to one another with each step.

Their second ceremony was filled with Christian traditions. She changed into a white bridal gown and he switched to a black suit. They shared a first look and then her dad walked her down the aisle. They shared their vows and exchanged rings under the golden California sun. They ended the night at their reception under the stars. They invited everyone out to a farm, complete with chickens and acres of open, green land. Everyone gathered along a big farm-style table and enjoyed a wedding feast together by candlelight.

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Bride getting ready for traditional hindu wedding

groom getting ready for traditional hindu wedding

bride preparing for hindu wedding ceremony in california.

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traditional hindu wedding cereomony in Los Angeles

Cultural traditions at hindu wedding ceremony in los angeles.

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traditional hindu wedding in los angeles california.

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