This is Karina and Vince and their Redondo Beach Engagement photos. Engaged and enjoying their life in their neighborhood by the sea. They are both Los Angeles lifeguards and this is how they love to spend their days together during this time in their life.

We miss crowded beaches, hanging with friends, and sharing cold drinks at a good ol dive bar so we thought it was a perfect time to share these images so we can all live vicariously through this day. Their wedding would have been this weekend and we are really wishing we could be celebrating alongside them and their loved ones right now. Looking towards brighter days ahead and their coastal backyard wedding as soon as we can?

How We Photograph Engagements

If you have ever wondered how we shoot engagements, this is the perfect example. Forget traditional. Screw posed or cheesy. We like real life. We want couples to have a time stamp of their actual days together right now. We want to capture the real stage two people find themselves in. Their favorite things to do together. Favorite places to hang out. These are the stories and images to look back on and pass on.

For Karina and Vince it looks like a crowded beach on a hot summer day. Sharing drinks at a dive bar in their neighborhood. Taking a boat out with their best friends, beers in hand. It’s rowing together in the Pacific. And ending the day with surfboards at sunset. Also, a special treat at the end: we had some fun playing in the waves too! We took a trusty disposable waterproof camera out and captured some 35 mm pictures.

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