Wedding at The Cicada Club in the heart of LA. Olivia and Jeremy wanted their day to reflect who they are, so the wedding was inspired by 1930’s and 1940’s vintage fashion and Swing Dancing. The iconic Art Deco Cicada Club was the perfect nostalgic and romantic space for their celebration.

Some words from the couple on planning and having their wedding at The Cicada Club:

What were some inspirations for your wedding?
We met swing dancing and a lot of our hobbies include 1930’s and 1940’s vintage fashion, so we knew we wanted a very classic wedding with those vibes. Our band was the first thing we knew we wanted, even before we started seriously talking about marriage! We pulled lots of inspiration from the beautiful art Deco buildings and spaces in LA and our own love of those aesthetics.

What are some adjectives that describe your wedding decorations and style?
Classic, vintage, elegant, and a lil’ goth.

What did you love about having your wedding at The Cicada Club?
Having our wedding at The Cicada Club was the best. We’ve gone dancing to the Cicada Club so many times over the years and it’s always a special place for us. The date too, I love Halloween and all things spooky, but I didn’t want the wedding to feel too theme-y or cheesy, so all hallows’ eve seemed perfect for us.

Where there any important cultural traditions that you incorporated that felt really meaningful to you?
We wanted a break from tradition, so we tried to do things that felt really true to us. We skipped the bouquet toss and a few other traditions, but the most important part to me was that we wrote our own vows.

Anything nontraditional you incorporated into the day that made the celebration more unique to you?
Our wedding party was a wonderful mix of people and family not divvied up by gender and we loved having them all involved. We also loved doing our ‘snowball’ dance. In swing dancing, it’s when the band plays a song, and every so often they yell, “SNOWBALL” and everyone has to frantically go grab someone who isn’t dancing and drag them on to the floor. it’s the perfect way for us to get our dancer and non-dancer guests to mingle and meet and feel relaxed about dancing all night.

Best decision during wedding planning?
Going with a venue that does everything. Seriously. I cannot recommend this enough. Cicada handled the bar, food, staff, changing from ceremony to venue, cocktail hour, parking, and coat check, it was a true dream and I loved every second of working with them.

Something you would do differently if you had to do it over?
I had ordered a bridal bouquet that came out so different from what we initially talked about, that I sent my husband and our friend down to the flower district that sunday morning to buy 12 potted orchids, which our amazing groomsperson, Julie, turned into the most perfect 1930’s cascading orchid bouquet like I had dreamed of. I think more communication about the original order would have been better – if your vendor doesn’t have any questions for you that’s probably a bad sign.

Most memorable part of your wedding at The Cicada Club?
My maid of honor gave a speech that did make me go, “Oh,” when she said, “If Olivia is a fire, Jeremy is a hearth.” It’s the most beautiful way anyone has ever summed us up and it made us both so emotional. It was also incredible rewarding and special for us because so many people were involved in this wedding and making it happen. The only vendors we had were our incredible photographer (Nate was the best in all ways possible), our band (who are friends and professionals that we were so happy to hire), and we bought our cake from Porto’s. Centerpieces, invites, DJ, everything was put together by us with the help of our beloved community.

Lead Photographer: Nate on a mix of 35mm film and digital.

VENDOR CREDIT:  Photo: The Shalom Imaginative // Planning and Design: Olivia Aserr (bride), Vera Davidson (Bridemaid), Ashley Perretta (Officiant) // Venue: The Cicada Club // Coordinator: Jeneatha// Floral Design: Julie Roman (Best Woman) // Hair: Vera Davidson // Dress: The Lucy by Alexandra Grecco, bought secondhand on Stillwhite // Suit: A vintage 1930’s men’s suit // Hair Piece: hair flowers for bride and wedding party made by Vera Davidson // Men’s boutonnieres: Olivia Aserr // Shoes: Olivia – Emilys by Re-Mix Vintage Shoes, Jeremy – Slide and Swings Barcelona // Catering: The Cicada Club // Cake: Porto’s // Invites: Designed by Olivia Aserr // Decorations: Orchid Centerpieces by groom, Jeremy Lizardo, candle arrays by bride, Olivia Aserr // Music: Live music by Jonathan Stout and His Campus Five Featuring Hilary Alexander. // DJ: Niko Koya // Officiant: Ashley Perretta

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